TCAV Youth Group

The Management Committee of the Tamil Catholic Association of Victoria (TCAV) planned to establish a Youth Group in 2014. The purpose of the group was to bring the young members of the Association together, provide activities that revolve around the Catholic faith, while also providing support and social networks that encourage them to strengthen their communal bond.

Activities for teenagers and young adults were organized by the Youth Coordinators during special occasions in years 2014 and 2015. Retreat sessions during Lent and competitions during Christmas were some of the highlights.

To strengthen the youth movement, Rev. Fr. Joseph Amal has been invited this year to provide pastoral care for the youngsters. Fr. Amal shared his plans during his first meeting with the members of the Management Committee on 13th August 2016 at St. Luke’s Church in Wantirna. Fr. Amal who has experience working with several youth groups in Australia and other countries is looking forward to extend his support to scaffold the spiritual development of the young members of TCAV.

Programs organized by TCAV for the youngsters will include a sense of prayer, service and learning about the faith within social and cultural contexts. TCAV aims to provide a healthy platform for its young members to grow in their Catholic faith. Members of the TCAV Management Committee believe that Fr. Amal’s mentoring support and pastoral care will enable the group to mature, sustain the religious values and invite newer members through comradeship and service.

All members of the Tamil Catholic Community in Victoria are encouraged to direct younsters in their families aged 15 to 21 to join the TCAV Youth Group. Please contact our Youth Coordinator Mr. J. Thayanujan on 0404399099 or any of the following members of the TCAV Management Committee to seek more information:

Mr. Tyrone Gnanapragasam (0478413780)
Mrs. Nirmala Alphonse (0470304461)
Mrs. Shanthi Antony (0425804989)

Faith & Outreach

Angelo Tyrone (Year 8)
Nazareth College, Noble Park

I am delighted to hold a noble position of “Faith and Outreach Leader” in my school. The position of faith and outreach is a role for a leader and person that will partake in the catholic society events.


The position isn’t about having a shiny badge and showing off that you’re a lead-er, it’s about helping people out whether it’d school-yard or work if there is some-thing wrong it’s your responsibility to take action.

Another part of being faith and outreach is the opportunities that unfold to you once you meet your team. You help prepare events (Christmas, Easter etc.) and even get a role in the mass itself. The qualities needed for this role are Faith, Wis-dom and Knowledge as is my school motto.

Faith.. in Jesus and believing the right thing.
Wisdom.. being smart and doing what you believe is right.
Knowledge.. should help you further enhance above two traits also relating to knowing what is right and wrong.
There are so many doors that open as you are more respected and looked up to, you learn more about Jesus, do some fundraising event get to go meet priests and learn all about the position of faith and outreach.
I thoroughly believe the position of faith and outreach is something that will change you and teach you a lot and if you ever get a chance at the position you should go for it 100%.

What does Christmas mean for a teenager? For ME Christmas is an EXPERIENCE ….

youth2“For unto us a child is born… Unto us a Son is given….” is a very common rather a Very im-portent line in the history of the human race. This ‘Son ‘ has revoked the mortal fate that was sealed against mankind since the fall at the Gar-den of Eden. That’s why Christmas – the birth of the Savior, is celebrated all over the world. You didn’t expect that kind of explanation did you?
The celebration being deeply meaningful and widely accepted beyond the boundaries of Christianity has become an entertainment rather than a celebration of love.
The Son of God, Jesus, came into the world and gave His life, a ransom for many. That was an act of pure love . The reason for the celebration. How do our generation celebrate Christmas? Do we see the crying baby in the manger? Or how does the humble man on the cross seem to us? On the night Jesus was born, the manger was actually the meeting place of heaven’s righteousness and the world’s worthlessness. The cross was a bridge for the beautiful exchange – glory for shame, beauty for ashes, the Son for the sinner. Ohh!! If only our generation, our people, would acknowledge the manifold wisdom of God – The rich salvation we have in Jesus!! We would ever be grateful to heaven’s greatest act of love. If our minds were renewed by this truth. Christ-mas is a lifetime experience!!!

Its Christmas Time

youth3   Rebecca Daniel, Year 8

Christmas time
and the bells chime
A time to spend with family and friends
the fun never ends
Stir the biriyani,
soak the gulab jamun
and look out for Santa
as he flies past the moon
Nag your parents for treats and chocolate
then eventually empty your dads pocket
Buy new clothes and toys
and celebrate with young girls and boys
When you are happily playing with your friends
“Time to go to church” your mum will call
and in case you get annoyed
Just remember, that the birth of Jesus is the reason for this all

How I saved Christmas

youth5  Joe Saran (Year 7)

It was Christmas Eve! The clock was tick-ing and soon it would be midnight. John could-n’t sleep. He was too excited! Suddenly the clock struck 12:00! It was Christmas, thought John. He couldn’t wait to see the presents. He had asked for a heli-jet 3000. John was get-ting tired and soon enough he had gone to sleep.
The next day, John woke up for a start. He then ran quickly down the stairs to living room, surprisingly he sees nothing but empty space below the tree. He was shocked! “Have I been bad this year?” John was confused. RIING! The door bell rings and John opens the door to find his friend Jacob. John told him about how he didn’t get any presents this year. Sur-prisingly Jacob had experienced the same issue. They both decided to visit Santa. John and Jacob both went on the plane to North Pole. Finally when they landed, John peered through the window to see snowflakes falling to the ground. It was extremely cold.


Now all they had to do was to find where Santa’s work-shop is and find out why they didn’t get presents. It wasn’t that hard finding it. The work shop was quiet. They saw small people in little beds sleeping peacefully. John had recognized they were elves. If these were the elves, then where was Santa? Finally Jacob spotted Santa in a corner snoring his nose off. John gave him a little nudge and Santa woke up.
Santa woke up tired. He looked at his time and went back to sleep. John and Jacob explained everything. Then Santa jerked forward and rang the bell. Santa must have over slept. Suddenly the whole workshop started running. In a few minutes, Santa was ready and was off to send his presents all over the world. Santa asked John and Jacob if they wanted to have a ride on his sleigh. Happily they accepted his offer.
Hours later, Santa had finished delivering his presents and dropped us off at our house. He once again thanked us and took off. We had Saved Christmas! I went inside to see the helijet 3000 I wanted. This was turning out to be the best Christmas ever!

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